7 Most Famous Archers in Greek Mythology

Greek history is littered with tales of gods, legends, mythological monsters like Medusa, art, poetry, philosophy, and great people like Alexander the Great.

Even after more than 3,000 years, the world is still using ancient Greek ideas in art, science, and math. And don’t forget the alphabet!

Today we are going present to you a list of the most famous archers in Greek mythology. The bow and arrow is one of the most ancient and most universal weapons in history. They have been used by the uncivilized and civilized, as well as some of the most powerful nations.

Archery was an essential skill for many tribes including the Mongols, the Spartans, and the Locrians. To date, the best archers are recognized in history even if they were just a part of a legend, myth or fantasy. After reading our list, if you are interested in taking up the sport then check out our recommended gear here. This is the basic kit we recommend to anyone starting out.

Greek mythology has some of the most skilled archers. Having spent their lives in war, in the wilderness, and hunting wild animals, these archers were good with the bow and arrow. So without further ado, allow me to present the 7 most famous archers in Greek mythology.

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The 7 Most Famous Archers in Greek Mythology

#7 – Paris

Paris was a Trojan Prince famously known for eloping with Helen, queen of Sparta. He was the son of King Priam and Hecuba.

Before his birth, the mother had a dream and saw his son as a flaming torch which a seer explained that her son Paris would be the doom of ‘troy’ by causing deaths and destruction.

Unlike his brother, Hector, whose fighting skill lay in hand to hand combat, Paris was good with the bow and arrow. He killed many Achaean warriors during the Trojan War with the bow and arrow, including two Greek heroes: Menethius, the son of Areithous and Phylomedusa, and wounding most notably Achilles.

#6 – Atalanta

Atalanta was a respected and swift-footed huntress who was regarded as a less significant form of the goddess, Artemis.

The daughter of Clymene and Iasus, the King of Arcadia, she was believed to be the goddess of running and always wanted to challenge men.

Having grown up in the wilderness after she was abandoned by her father when he learned she wasn’t a boy, Atalanta developed hunting skills using a bow and arrow and became a fierce hunter.

During the Calydonian Hunt, she slew a monstrous Calydonian boar with a well-placed arrow, beating several male heroes to the beast.

#5 – Philoctetes

Philoctetes was a Greek hero and a famous archer who participated in the Trojan War. According to Greek mythology, he was the son of King Poeas of Meliboea.

He gained fame after helping Heracles to die by complying with his wish to light the funeral pyre. As a gift, Philoctetes received Heracles’ bow and arrows.

After being abandoned by his army in Lemnos, he spent many years shooting birds in the wilderness, thereby perfecting his archery skills.

His greatest achievement in war was killing Paris using a poisoned arrow. Philoctetes is also reported to have shot Admetus and three Trojan warriors: Deioneus, Peirasus, and Medon.

#4 – Orion

Orion was a legendary hunter in Greek mythology. He was famous for his physique, great looks, and many love affairs.

Ancient sources give two versions of his birth. In the first one, he is identified as the son of the sea-god Poseidon (father) and Queen Euryale of the Amazon.  He was believed to have inherited a hunting talent from his father, making him the greatest hunter in the world.

In the second version, Orion had no mother and was only a gift to a peasant farmer. Using the bow and arrows, Orion got rid of fierce beasts that infested the island of Chios in order to gain the hand of King Oenopion’s daughter, Merope.

#3 – Eros

In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love and sexual attraction. He was often viewed as the disobedient but very loyal son of Aphrodite.

Ancient pictures portray him as a young man carrying a bow and arrow. It was believed that Eros made people fall in love by shooting his randomly aimed arrows or a flaming torch at them.

A famous episode was when Apollo doubted his skills as an archer and Eros fired an arrow at the god, making him fall in love with the nymph Daphne.

#2 – Artemis

Artemis was the Ancient Greek goddess of virginity, the wilderness, hunting, wild animals and protector of young children and women.

In ancient Greek art, Artemis is depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. As the daughter of the King of all gods, Zeus, Artemis was well-respected in Greek mythology.

She was renowned for her hunting prowess, and her arrows could cause sudden death and disease to girls and women.

In one of the stories, Artemis teamed up with Apollo, her brother, and they hunted and killed the children of Niobe with their bows and arrows. She fought with the Trojans during the Trojan War and killed many warriors using her bow and arrows.

#1 – Apollo

Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, was born on the Greek island of Delos together with his twin sister Artemis.

He was a god of music, poetry, truth, art, oracles, medicine, plague, sun, light, and knowledge.

Also known as the Archer, Apollo had an aptitude for archery and used a golden bow. When he was a child, he begged Hephaestus to give him the bow and arrow to kill Python to protect his mother.

He managed to corner Python and was able rescue his mother. As the god of plagues, he participated in the Trojan War and shot plague arrows at the enemies.

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Final Thoughts

Even though Greek mythology is only a body of myths, we can’t fail to acknowledge that it has extensive influence on modern culture, arts, literature and has also contributed to the growth and popularity of archery. If you are interested in taking up the sport then here is some gear to get you started.

Archers can take inspiration from these stories and learn a few things from great archers like Apollo.

However, a big take-home point is that archery is not just meant for men but women can also make excellent archers.

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