Nikon Black Fx1000 Review Guide – 2020

Top Features of Nikon Black Fx1000

1) First Focal Plane

2) Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

3) High-Speed Turrets and Integral Zero Stop

4) MOA Reticle

5) Safety

6) Adjustments

7) Illumination


When it comes to hunting, getting the right scope for the job at hand has always been challenging. Even for shooting hobbyists, it can be difficult to lay their hands on a firearm that can deliver maximum entertainment while getting the job done.

Riflescopes are telescopic sights placed above firearms to enhance the shooter’s aim by zooming out and pinpointing the target. With a riflescope, you do not have to come close to the game before taking it out. Rather, you can magnify the sight to take a closer look at the animal before releasing the trigger. Interestingly, the Nikon Black Fx1000 is the maiden version of focal plane riflescopes. It boasts of many improvements over the X1000. Thanks to its unique design and innovation, Nikon Black Fx1000 stands tall as a preferred tool among expert hunters and ordinary hobbyists. It combines contemporary technology and adequate customer research to address the needs of users. Moreover, it has a price tag that makes it easier for several users to afford it.

In this comprehensive Nikon Black Fx1000 review guide, we have explained the features that make it stand out in the market. Also, we made a case on the reason it worths every dollar spent on it.

Features of the Nikon Black FX 1000

1) First Focal Plane

When compared to the previous X1000 version, Nikon Black FX 1000 uses the newly improved focal plane called “front” or “first”. Hence, it has the “F” to distinguish it from older editions. For first focal plane (or FFP) equipment, the reticle is located close to the turrets of the telescopic sights, behind the magnification knob. As you zoom in or out the riflescope, the reticle adjusts itself to suit the magnification setting.

Therefore, the object you intend to shoot, which shows after the reticle, will remain in exact proportion regardless of your adjustment. It means that the reticle’s targets are accurate and remain the same on all magnification changes. When you reduce the magnification, the target image gets smaller. On the other hand, when you increase the magnification, the target image gets larger.

Furthermore, several hunters prefer the FFP to the second focal plane (SFP) because it gives you more leverage while hunting or shooting. Essentially, whether you are near or close to the target does not matter with the FFP. This highlight helps the hunter to stay safe while on the field. In addition to this, you have minimal worries concerning the power level.

2) Side Focus Parallax Adjustment

Only a few firearm models have this feature. As such, the ones that have it increases the level of confidence and faith the shooter has. The reason is not farfetched because parallax error can make a professional hunter look like an amateur. It causes an obstruction, which blurs the image that the shooter sees. Concerning riflescope, parallax refers to the way the reticle moves concerning the target as the hunter follows the tool’s pupil with his eye. It happens because the object and the reticle are on different focal planes.

With the Nikon Black Fx1000, you can adjust the reticle and object to fit into the same plane. That way, it eliminates blurriness and gives you a clear image. Also, it increases your focus and precision in hitting the target without mistake. You should know that parallax becomes more apparent when your eye is away from the center.

Furthermore, if the target is above or below you, such that you have to position your rifle at an angle, you stand the intrusion of parallax. Also, if your head is out of place with the rifle body, parallax will show up. With Nikon’s focusing knob, you remove parallax completely.

3) High-Speed Turrets and Integral Zero Stop

Another exciting highlight of the Nikon Black Fx1000 is its turrets and zero stop. The turrets fit into both windage and elevation categories. As such, they deliver up to 25 MOA adjustments during a revolution. Despite that, they return to zero as quickly as they went up. This gives more freedom and peace of mind to the shooter.

When you adjust your scope setting to be between zero and 100 meters, it becomes even easier to return to its zero spots. Moreover, only a few rifles have this feature, giving you extra possibilities when you own a Nikon Black Fx1000.

When the wind blows, it causes the scope to shift sideways from the fixed object. With the windage setting, you can affect this side adjustment control. That is, as the wind blows, the scope stays in position instead of moving with the wind drift. At the initial stage, the turrets remain in their locked mode. When you remove this lockscrew, you gain access to unlock the internal ring, which contains three screws. After you loosen them, adjust the air-tightening knob until the drifting stops. Then, you retighten the locking mechanisms. It will always return to the zero position.

4) MOA Reticle

When it comes to riflescopes, a reticle refers to the unique combination of lines, crosshairs, or dots that superimpose on the object to give a clear and focused image. Also,  MOA refers to the Minute of Angle. One MOA (or one arcminute) has the same measurement as the variation of 1 inch at 100 yards. When you move the MOA scope by one step, it aligns the reticle at 0.25 of an arcminute. Besides, if the unit of measurement in your country is the Imperial system, expect MOA to be more available. Also, several ballistic tables are graduated in feet and yards.

On your Nikon Black Fx 1000 rifle, the MOA feature allows you to measure the degree of magnification you desire to a higher level of accuracy. As such, the reticle can maintain optimal contrast settings in varying amounts of light, whether it is dawn or dusk. When compared to previous models, this version features additional sub-tension qualities.

In addition to this, the scope is graduated in ten units for higher precision. As a result, the target image is clearer with higher possibilities of shooting success. Moreover, when the reticle is illuminated, you can affect your adjustments faster, easier, and more accurately.

5) Safety

The Nikon Black Fx1000 rifle has some safety mechanisms to keep the shooter from harm or injury while using the equipment. For instance, the frame is made from the innovative aluminum alloy used for aircraft. As such, it has exceptional toughness and hardness to survive harsh weather conditions. This “Type 3”  alloy underwent an electrolytic process, which had it coated with oxide. This gives it a sleek design and increased ruggedness. Moreover, it has acceptable strength-to-weight compatibility. It is lightweight and you can move it from one point to the other with minimal hassle.

Furthermore, the frame contains an O-ring sealant, which protects the rifle from accumulating moisture. This eliminates the possibility of rusting. In addition to this, the manufacturing process excludes nitrogen to keep the shooter from heat shocks.  The optical framework has zero lead and arsenic constituent, making it toxic-free.

Besides, it features a multi-layer coating to make it sturdy and solid enough for all seasons. The speed of effecting the corrections can mean the difference between going home safely with the game or leaving wounded and empty-handed. On the rifle, its zero-stop turrets allow you to make quick and accurate corrections.

6) Adjustments

When it comes to adjusting the settings on your rifle, the Nikon Black Fx1000 ranks very high. It gives you more freedom and opportunity to change the settings as you desire. As a first focal plane (FFP) firearm, it comes in two major models. One, 4-16 by 50 mm. Two, 6-24 by 50 mm.

The minute of angle (MOA) feature also allows you to measure the amount of magnification required to get the game. In addition to this, the side focus parallax knob allows you to make minimal adjustments that make maximum impacts. This increases your accuracy regardless of your distance from your object.

Furthermore, the zero stop feature gives you leverage whenever you increase your arcminutes. When this happens, the scope comes back to zero as quickly as it went up. When the wind blows, the target object can become blurry. As a result, you might end up missing the object. If the game is dangerous, that might portend grave danger for the shooter.

However, the Nikon Black Fx1000 allows you to get brilliant images regardless of wind drift. With the locking screws, you can tighten and loosen the zero stop ring with ease. This locks in the scope and makes it immune to wind variation.

7) Illumination

When it comes to illumination, the Nikon Black Fx1000 contains 10 levels of adjustments. Each one has an “OFF” button immediately after it. Concerning positioning, the illumination knob comes before the parallax knob. This means that you can go hunting at any time of the day, from dawn to dusk.

In the daytime, you might have no use for the knob. However, when the sun goes down, you will need to engage the knob, based on how dark it gets. Moreover, take note of the parallax dial when turning the illumination knob because of their closeness. On the other hand, when you adjust the parallax, the illumination dial turns too. Although it is quite tricky, you can achieve this with more patience.

In a bid to conserve its power, it shuts down after one hour of no activity. As soon as you are ready to use it, it comes in again. Meanwhile, as the sun goes down, the color and contrast might become dim. The illuminated reticle ensures that this does not happen. It keeps the color and contrast at optimal levels at every hour of the day. You can optimize the object picture while making necessary adjustments on ranging, wind drift, and holdover settings.

Is the Nikon Black Fx1000 value for money?

Of course, Nikon Black Fx1000 rifle ensures that you get maximum value from every dollar invested in buying it. Thanks to its innovative features that give it an edge over its counterparts. These highlights make it a preferred tool for expert hunters and hobbyists as well. When a low light situation occurs, especially when the sun starts to set, the illuminated reticle helps you to remain focused on the target.

With the control knob located on the left edge, you can get the desired contrast and crosshair levels. Also, it has a parallax elimination dial. Located in the interior of the left turret, you can adjust your scope without any hassle. Determine the precise shooting range, lock it in, and remove parallax throughout your hunting session.

Moreover, it has a durable casing that can last for many years. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy used in airplane construction, it minimizes degradation or damage. This makes it tough and suitable for all environmental conditions.

The multi-layer covering repels moisture accumulation, which eliminates the possibility of rusting. As a first focal plane (FFP) rifle, the reticle adjusts itself to the magnification knob. Thus, it eliminates the distance barrier.

Best Suited for Long-range Targets

The Nikon Black Fx1000 rifle is perfect for faraway objects that require focus and careful execution. As a result, it is not the ideal solution for your nearby hunting needs. The frame is a 30 mm tube, which can contain several features that increase its functionalities and value. Moreover, it is suitable for harsh field conditions. It can also function as a defensive firearm for military and paramilitary outfits since you can take out enemies from afar. Besides, in sports like target shooting, it works perfectly. The optical framework and design combine to deliver an awesome experience.


For expert shooters and hobbyists, getting a perfect scope that is top-quality and affordable can be a daunting challenge. However, with the Nikon Black Fx1000, you have the answer. It contains several features that make it a choice weapon for all categories of users. The first focal plane (or FFP) highlight makes it possible to adjust the sight without getting a blurry image. Since the object stays the same, your scope stays the same too.  The side focus parallax adjustment eliminates errors due to parallax and blurriness. It increases your focus and increases the accuracy of reaching your target.

Besides, it uses the minute of angle (MOA) highlight, also known as arcminute. For countries that use the Imperial system of measurement, this will prove useful. It also contains more sub-tension than previous models. To make it more accurate and easier to use, the scope has ten-unit graduation.

Interestingly, you are no longer under the mercy of weather and climate because the turrets and zero stop knob make it easier to adjust the settings. After setup, the scope will automatically return to zero. Overall, it assures a great user experience without breaking the bank

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