Top 3 Best Survival Kits in 2021

Top 3 Best Survival Kits in 2020

Although you keep planning and hoping against disasters, they happen when you least expect them. Earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, and wars are becoming prevalent. Pandemics might break out in the middle of nowhere. When they happen, you need to be ready with the necessary tools and the best survival kits to guarantee your safety.

1. Redfora Earthquake Bag

This package represents the ideal solution during natural calamities. It contains requisite items for two individuals following a crisis. Some of its constituents include food bars, water containers, hydration jars, and tablets that remove germs and dirt from water. It provides a three-fold solution of heat, lighting, and covering. The hand-crank is both responsive and effective. Furthermore, it contains sanitary items like gloves, safety glasses, and rope.


  • It can accommodate two persons comfortably.
  • The light output is impressive.
  • The accessories are numerous and valuable.


  • The water bags are fragile and susceptible to leaking.
  • The safety kit is only for one person.


2. CHAREADA Disaster Survival Toolkit

For individuals who live in deserts or have deserts as a haven during a crisis, the CHAREADA kit is perfect for wilderness conditions. Thanks to its versatile accessories, you can safely survive a calamitous situation. Moreover, it contains fishing tools in case a river is close. The compass allows you to find your way quickly to recognizable landmarks. You will find the whistle handy to alert others of your location.


  • It contains consumables for broken bones.
  • The kit is portable for easy movement.
  • It has more than 35 accessories for various purposes.


  • The latches are frail.


3. Everlit Crisis Management Toolbox

This is arguably the most complete survival kit in the market. With over 250 different accessories, it gives disaster victims the hope of making it out alive. Tested under extreme military conditions, the bags are reliable and can survive tough weather conditions. It has a weight of 1.9 pounds, which is an advantage during fast movement. Other items it contains include a strobe, disaster blankets, paracord bracelet, and jack-knife.


  • It contains a CPR mask.
  • The consumables and supplies can cater for up to four persons.
  • The EMT bag repels water accumulation.


  • Poor light output.


Factors to consider when choosing a survival kit

Where will you use it?

You must have a clear answer to this question for some reasons. First, the location determines the model and accessories that you will get. Secondly, it does not make economic sense to purchase an unsuitable kit in your geographical region. Also, you must know the type of emergencies that might occur.

How long will you use it?

One of the best rules for making a buying decision is the 3-3-3-3 model. In clear terms, it means that it must be able to supply air within 3 minutes, provide shelter in tough situations for 3 hours, contain sufficient water for 3 days, and adequate food for 3 weeks.

What does it contain?

You need to ascertain the descriptions and functions of the accessories that accompany the kit. These items will range from safety supplies to navigational tools and a torch.



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