Top 5 Solar Powered Flashlights for 2021

Top 5 Solar Powered Flashlights

The most important feature of a disaster kit is its searchlight. When solar energy powers the gadget, it becomes more valuable and preferable by customers. Once you keep it under optimal sunlight, it can supply light for extended periods for your personal needs. Also, it reduces the strain on your phone battery and keeps out the darkness in the event of a power outage.

Moreover, some have sophisticated designs for recharging their batteries. As a result, you can never run out of light. Their waterproof casing makes them durable under different weather conditions. We have compiled the top 5 solar-powered flashlights in this article.

1. Most Impressive: NPET T09 Solar Flashlight

The NPET 109 Solar lamp ranks highest among all the solutions that we considered. It has several exciting features and capabilities, which makes it an awesome product for any buyer. As a versatile tool, you can deploy it in various conditions. Its multiple positioning and inbuilt systems give it a unique advantage. When fully charged, it emits light of 268 lumens; one of the best outputs in the market. Besides, you can power your electronic devices via its USB port.


  • It contains safety accessories for vehicles.
  • Multipurpose gadget for boosting phones.
  • The systems can vary based on different light conditions.


  • It is weighty.
  • Water-resistance is not top-notch.

Buyers’ Reviews

One of the most appreciated features of the NPET T09 Solar lantern is its versatility. Buyers love the fact that you can adapt it for different uses. For instance, it can function as a searchlight during disasters or dangers. Other times, you can use it as a solar lantern. Due to the magnet at its edges, you can easily mount it on any surface that you choose. Furthermore, buyers liked the power saving mode, which allowed them to reserve its battery.


Beyond its power button, the NPET T09 Solar torch has useful accessories for vehicles in the event of an accident. The seatbelt cutter will come in handy when someone is trapped inside a car. Also, it has a safety hammer to simplify the breakout operation. There is a compass to direct your path to your chosen destination.

Moreover, the solar panel is large enough to accommodate sufficient photovoltaic cells to keep the solar lamp in continuous use. Around the edges are bulbs that beam red and white rays when you are in danger. The casing is rugged to withstand falls and occasional falls.

2. Effective Lighting: Thorfire Solar Flashlight

Unlike the NPET Solar torch, this tool features a minimalist design. Although it contains only a handful of attributes, it supplies unparalleled lighting anytime you need it. Its sturdy frame makes it suitable for various purposes and light situations. One of its trademark features is the hand-crank mechanism, which supplies instant power for lighting. The photovoltaic cells convert sunlight to light in an effective manner. It only needs a few hours in the sun to charge fully.


  • The casing can survive occasional immersions in water.
  • Multiple sources of powering batteries.
  • Powerful photovoltaic cells with high conversion efficiency.


  • The lighting systems are few.
  • Its output is minimal.

Buyers’ Reviews

Buyers with little lighting need will find the Thorfire Solar lamp a worthy addition to their disaster toolbox. Some of its features make it adorable. For example, you can simply use the hand-crank highlight at night when there is no sunlight to power it. Although the brightness lags behind some sophisticated gadgets, it is sufficient to accomplish necessary tasks. Besides, it is more advisable to use indoors than outdoors because of its reduced lumen output. Overall, it is worth every dollar you invest in it.


There are three lighting systems in the Thorfire Solar lamp, namely dim, bright, and strobe. In the dim style, it uses only one of the bulbs to brighten the room. On the other hand, the bright style makes use of all its bulbs. For the strobe mode, it blinks in a predefined manner. To select any of the systems, you need to press the power button repeatedly. Buyers also appreciate its plastic casing, which is submersible in water. Ideally, it will still function at 45 ft. underwater. You only need five minutes of cranking to power the solar lamp for four hours.

3. Attractive and Rugged Design: Hybridlight Journey Flashlight

If you are looking for a solar lamp that has a sleek appearance and impressive efficiency, the Hybridlight Journey gadget is your ideal tool. It merges superior design with vital attributes to supply brilliant light anytime you need it. It relieves the tension that comes from a sudden power outage from Utility companies and your phone. When fully charged, it can supply you with consistent lighting for 7 hours under the most intense usage. However, if you switch on the “dim” setting, it may last up to a day.


  • It produces exceptional lighting in the dark.
  • The useful period after a full charge is massive.
  • You can boost your phone battery without stress.


  • It houses only essential attributes.

Buyers’ Review

What stands out for the majority of buyers is the impeccable design, which gives the Hybridlight Journey torch its distinctive outlook in the market. Since it stands out, it becomes a preferred product among people shopping for their crisis toolkit. Also, the brightness makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Moreover, they appreciated the different power systems, which allows you to conserve and preserve the battery. Typically, it lasts longer when fully charged.


When it comes to the casing, the Hybridlight Journey lamp is an excellent product with a waterproof container. Besides surviving rainfall and other inclement weather conditions, you can use it for underwater expeditions below 9 feet. If you go deeper, you might trigger its inbuilt floating characteristic. Interestingly, the number of useful hours it has depends on the light mode you put it. At full mode, the battery runs out faster. You can use to power your smartphone, electronic radio, and other gadgets when the lights go off. The rear cover opens readily to display the charging port for both inbound and outbound charges.

4. Affordable and Simple: ECEEN Multifunctional Emergency Flashlight

Similar to the previous solar lamp, the ECEEN Multifunctional crisis torch contains combines the best lighting characteristics with low pricing to cater to the needs of budget buyers. Moreover, it uses a minimalist since it contains only the essentials for your indoor and outdoor activities. If you are looking for additional features and accessories, this might not be for you. Apart from its bright output, it contains three systems of lighting.


  • The weight is quite negligible and you can move it around quickly.
  • It gives out a light rating of 150 lumens.
  • You can select any of its three options.



  • The battery life is unimpressive.

Buyers’ Reviews

Majority of the buyers fancied the aluminum casing, which makes the ECEEN Multifunctional Emergency lamp stand out among other products. As an alloy, it gives the product a sleek appearance and creates an exciting feeling in the buyer. Also, it gives it a sturdy frame that can survive occasional drops. Although you cannot use it for underwater activities, it can survive water splashes and raindrops. Not only that, buyers loved that it charges fully in about 8 hours of exposure to the sun. The photovoltaic cells are efficient and retain these charges for up to 4 hours.


The ECEEN Multifunctional disaster lamp has dual charging options. It has a USB port that enables you to charge via the electricity grid. It takes about 4 hours to reach full charge via this option. The second technique is to use solar cells by placing them directly under sunlight. However, this will take approximately 10 hours to charge fully. You will find its tiny weight impressive because it causes no extra strain on your arm. Besides, the casing can only keep water out temporarily. You cannot use it in water.

5. Perfect for Budget Buyers: Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

One of the simplest solar lamps that we reviewed is the Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight. It retains only the essential components and functions. During a crisis, you need two things: instant power and light.

This is what the Simpeak solar lamp provides. It possesses no extra features. As a result, you will find it a good deal, especially if you are on a strict budget. In terms of light, it can only supply 50 lumens. Although this is quite small for an all-out condition, it will suffice indoors.


  • It has a tiny frame.
  • You can power it via hand cranking.
  • The weight is minimal.


  • It has only one light setting.
  • The design cannot survive a water drop.

Buyers’ Reviews

The hallmark of the Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered lamp is the simplicity it brings to the buyer. As a low priced product, it contains sufficient features to get the job done. Thanks to its tiny weight, it is perfect for children and people looking at improving their disaster toolbox. Also, the lights are suitable for smaller activities. Furthermore, buyers appreciated the hand crank that delivers under various conditions. It is highly responsive and light comes on in a matter of minutes. Besides, the solar cells convert the sun’s energy to light in an efficient manner.


If you love to have your solar powered kit handy everywhere you go to, the Simpeak Hand Crank Solar Powered lamp makes perfect sense. With just 3 ounces, you might even forget that you have it with you. It stays firmly on your grip throughout your activities. Moreover, the carabiner design gives you the freedom to keep it just anywhere you choose. This feature is excellent during a calamity when you have to move out quickly.

Buying Guide for Solar Powered Flashlights

Things to watch out for in a solar-powered torch

It can be challenging to select a solar lamp out of the teaming options available. These products differ across pricing and component lines. For example, the pricier alternatives contain more features than their cheaper counterparts are. You need to consider the area you will use the solar torch, whether indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Use

If you intend to use the lamp inside the house, you might be satisfied with minimal features. For instance, you might not be particular about solar cells’ efficiency because you can easily charge it via the electricity grid. Also, being waterproof is not a priority requirement. Besides, the lumen rating does not have to very high. However, the battery must be strong enough to provide light during a power outage.

Outdoor Use

For outdoor uses, having an additional power source is very important. Apart from the usual photovoltaic cells, a solar lamp that contains a USB port and a hand crank will be more preferable. As a result, you can be confident at any time of the day. Another critical feature is the waterproof casing, which must be able to survive raindrops, water splashes, and even work underwater.

Features to consider when choosing solar-powered flashlights

Additional Accessories

Thanks to technological developments and improvements in customer experience, manufacturers now include certain tools in the kit. Although some might not be adequate, they increase the value you get from the offer nonetheless. Among the searchlights reviewed is the one with a hammer and a seatbelt cutter.

During vehicular emergencies, these will come in handy. Others include compass, inbuilt floating capabilities, bulbs around the edges, and so on. These will prove useful as the months go on. However, these accessories might constitute unnecessary weight for the user. Therefore, you need to consider specific activities and locations where you use this solar lamp. If you are going on an adventure, floating materials and a navigator will prove useful.

Extra Charging Component

You must ascertain the number of charging options that the searchlight has. In our review, the majority of the items we profiled have more than one charging method. Although each method differs in its application, the whole is always more than the sum of its parts. In terms of speed, a USB port provides the easiest avenue to boost the power for your searchlight. To be fully charged, this might take hours. However, it is dependent on the availability of electricity. On the other hand, if you live in an unstable power supply area, having a hand crank can be lifesaving. An exciting highlight of hand-cranked solar lamps is that they work instantaneously. With less than five minutes of cranking, you can have 30 minutes of lighting.

Size and Weight of the Flashlight

Owing to different manufacturers, there are several models in the market. The interplay of size and weight plays a huge role in the number of features the lamp contains. Not only that but also it determines how much you pay for the purchase.

For instance, bigger solar lamps have larger solar panels with the highest number of photovoltaic cells. As a result, they produce the brightest lumen rating and light output. Interestingly, they are pricier than simpler models. You should consider the portability and ease of movement in the event of emergencies.

Charging Time and Useful Period

Charging time refers to the number of hours (or minutes) it takes for the solar light to reach its maximum capacity. On the other hand, a useful period denotes the time it takes the lamp to dissipate its full charge. There are several factors responsible for this interplay, namely charging options and degree of brightness.

Whether you are using the hand crank, solar cells, or USB charger will determine the rate at which the battery fills up. When you turn it on at full brightness, the battery runs down faster. As a result, you need to consider the conditions surrounding its use. Outdoor camping events require brilliant brightness and an extended period of use. Also, endeavor to check the photovoltaic cells’ energy conversion efficiency.

Lighting systems

In a typical solar-powered lamp, there are three inbuilt light settings, namely dim, bright, and stroboscopic systems. That is not all, since some designs contain edge lights, red bulbs, and other forms of SOS lights. On the other hand, some alternatives have just one light mode. You will find it okay if you have a lean budget. However, if you operate within an affluent budget, you might want options with versatile settings. This highlight will prove valuable in the event of an emergency or late-night outdoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if you charge your solar lamp under a roof or in cloudy weather?

On the days when the weather is cloudy, you can still get optimal charging for your solar lamp. You only need to keep it outside for as long as possible. If placed under a roof, you need to position the solar cells to capture the sun rays.

2. Are there predefined ratings for the bulbs of a solar lamp?

The method of charging the gadget will determine how bright it becomes. If you boost the battery with a hand crank, you can expect light within the 50 – 100 lumen range. For models that have USB ports, they can produce up to 300-lumen lighting.


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