Top 5 Universal sight pusher Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

Owning a gun comes with several responsibilities, and in addition to ensuring safety, you need to keep them in the right conditions. Concerning sights, you need to adjust them as often as it requires. Moreover, to simplify operations and make the job more interesting, you need a sight pusher.

There are several models and versions of sight pushers in the market. Thus, it can be challenging to select the best pusher. Guns have numerous features that increase the excitement and value you get from owning one. This includes grips, lasers, grip extenders, and flashlight, among others. To improve the precision and quality of delivery, you need to install a sight pusher on your tool. Apart from that, it makes it easy for you to make adjustments with the least effort.

Furthermore, a universal sight pusher is preferable to a typical device because you can perform more functions with it.

What is a Universal Sight Pusher?

A universal sight pusher is a tool that helps you to remove, adjust, and install sights on your gun with ease. Without the right tools and equipment, it can quickly become a bore. For gun enthusiasts with more than one, it is imperative to get a universal sight pusher for swapping and replacing the sights. There are model-centric versions that only work with one type of gun.

However, with a universal sight pusher, you have more freedom and opportunity to carry out both routine and occasional maintenance of your tool. As soon as you purchase a new sight pusher, you might discover that the scope is out of place. Misalignment poses a serious challenge to gun owners until proper positioning and alignment take place. Thus, a universal sight pusher allows you to make the needed changes to ensure that the sight and scope are tandem.


Product Review

1)Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun sight tool

This universal sight pusher is a versatile tool suitable for adjusting different sizes and categories of metallic sights. It is perfect for almost all semi-automatic firearms. The frame contains highlighted markings to guide your adjustment. As a result, it has a reputation for high precision and is widely accepted among gun owners.

To configure the sight, determine how much improvement you want to make. Then, count the number of markings required. If your firearm has a dovetail sight, this is the perfect tool for adjusting it. The driving knob makes it easy to fix and remove both anterior and posterior sights.

The design is rugged enough to withstand numerous uses. In addition to this, it is intuitive, and you can catch up quickly. For professional shooters, this is the right march for their skills and experience. However, newbies have nothing to worry about. The sight tool contains a couple of clamps that capture guns in entirety and keep them fixed till you are done. Besides, it prevents deformation and other forms of damage. For gun enthusiasts with many firearms, it saves you from buying custom-made sight pushers for each of them. Not only that, but it also reduces the cost of maintaining several tools.

Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun sight tool has its frame from a unique blend of aluminum and steel – this gives it extra toughness and sturdiness. Thanks to its durability, it can last for several years with adequate maintenance. Also, it is resistant to rusting due to moisture accumulation. Another exciting feature of this tool is its compatibility; you can use it for all your firearms from shotgun to pistol.

Furthermore, it is reliable in all kinds of weather. The fastening devices make sure it stays in one piece. If you intend to insert Glock slides, you only need to reverse the prongs.


  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • Durable and resistant to damage
  • It can adjust multiple models of gun sights
  • You can rely on it in different environmental conditions
  • It has a high level of precision


  • You have to detach the slide before adjusting the sight
  • The pusher block slips occasionally


Whether you bought your first firearm recently or are an expert, you will find Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun sight tool very useful. With essential features like a graduated frame, four-edged knob, clamps with simple settings, and a superalloy body, you should expect the best working conditions.

2) ATG Patch and NcStar Heavy Duty Universal Pistol Dovetailed Rear Sight Pusher Tool

Do you desire a universal sight pusher that you can place in your workshop every time? If yes, then the NcStar heavy-duty tool is your ideal choice. It has perforations that make fastening to the workbench seamless. This design makes it relatively stable and reliable. Within minutes, you are done with removing, fixing, and adjusting the sight as you deem fit.

When compared to hand-held tools, it provides more freedom, safety, and confidence. You can also do the work faster and more efficiently than when you use one hand for holding. Additionally, you can confirm the alignment while working using the inbuilt witness holes or windows.

Thanks to its versatility, it can work with various sight models, from those with 90 degrees inclination to 30 degrees, and it is suitable for all slides’ profiles. Using this tool poses little or no challenge to you, whether you are inexperienced or an expert.

To accommodate different slide heights, it has a wheel at its base. Thus, it has provisions for both CZ and Glock slides. To keep the tool in place while you work, it has two powerful clamps with minimal clearance for wobbling or gouging. This reduces the amount of time it takes for maintenance and adjustment.

Moreover, the NcStar universal sight pusher has a sturdy frame that lasts several years. The body is made from anodized metals, including aluminum and steel. Other parts use steel as their major material of construction, which gives them additional strength and toughness. The upper portion of the tool is responsible for holding sights while the base ensures you maintain the right height. Besides, you can attach the slide using any of the three options. One, using the bolts. Two, clamping to the vice. Three, clamping to the surface.


  • You can adjust the whole setup as you desire
  • The frames are robust and sturdy enough for varied conditions
  • It accommodates different sight configurations with minimal hassle
  • The witness holes make a perfect job possible
  • You can place other accessories and slides on it


  • The body bends after several uses


The NcStar universal sight pusher allows you to do the best work that you can do. Thanks to its windows, you can ascertain the effectiveness of what you are doing and correct in real-time. You do not need to worry about the height of your sight because it has an adjustment wheel at the base.

3)Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool

When the Sylvan sight pusher came out newly, users greeted it with faith and optimism. Now, in its latest version, users will experience sophisticated technology at their fingertips. Thanks to its universal approach, it can perform just any sight-related job that you can think of. It carries out adjustment, replacement, removal, and configuration of sight on every model, brand, and size of firearms. This feature makes it the top choice for gun enthusiasts and possessors. Moreover, it allows you to keep your tool in the best form for extended periods. Although innovative, it presents an intuitive user experience.

The Sylvan universal sight push tool features one of the strongest body frames in the market. One, it contains steel of the 9310 grade, very tough and harsh against scratches. Two, the blocks consist of aluminum of grade 6061. Its two blocks underwent careful CNC machining operations to reflect the company’s commitment to the quality manufacturing process. Both have different functions: the first one works for normal sights while you can use the second for “ringer” or “snake eye” sights. In addition to this, it comes in a well-padded case to facilitate quick movement from one location to another if you desire to install or remove Glock slides.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of its users, the frame serves as a guide and protector. This universal sight pusher allows you to work on numerous gun types. For instance, you can adjust square-shaped firearms like 1911, notched designs like the Beretta 92, and those with stepped edges like the XD. This sight pushing tool prioritizes the protection of your firearm. As a result, it has substantial padding on both edges to prevent scratching. The pads are soft, providing a cushion-like effect on the gun.


  • It features significant improvements over previous models
  • Individuals with “ringer” sights have nothing to worry about
  • Suitable for numerous gun types
  • Perfect for both anterior and posterior dovetail designs
  • It boasts advanced production procedures


  • The installation demands understanding and careful execution. Thus, it takes time
  • Uneven circulation of pressure


Apart from its increased upgrades, the Sylvan Universal Sight Pusher uses sleek packaging materials that grab user’s attention. It has many exciting features that account for each dollar and more. The design is portable and you can move it around with its padded package. Also, the robust frame makes it durable.

4) Sight Master Sight Pusher Tool

The newly improved Sight Master Sight Pusher Tool features some of the latest adjustment technologies in the industry. Its main fastening devices are large enough to ensure your firearm remains in position as you work on it. Regardless of the sight profile, it is designed to accommodate it comfortably.

Also, it caters to both anterior and posterior sights without any challenge. Meanwhile, you need a locking device such as a socket set or wrench to make it even tighter than normal hand tools. This gives you extra leverage to work faster and more efficiently. As a result, you get to remove the base sight in record time. Also, both sides of the pusher have unique functionalities. One side works best for shaped Glock slides while the other is suitable for plain designs.

When it comes to versatility, you can use the Sight Master universal pusher for different kinds of guns. Some of these include Beretta 92, M9, and PX4, Ruger, HK, CZ, FNS, Walther, and XDS firearms. If you are a gun enthusiast with a collection of these, you can save several dollars in purchase and maintenance. Because it serves these extensive categories, you can spend your money acquiring the latest releases as you desire. Furthermore, it prioritizes durability. Made from high-quality steel, it is solid and can withstand rough uses and inclement weather conditions. That is why professionals cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Besides, it has wings to extend your workspace and give you maximum freedom. Removing the screws is a simple and straightforward process. Because their threads are sharp and polished, you can quickly fasten and loosen them as the situation demands. The blocks make sure that the gun does not wobble or shift from its place. The Sight Master tool supplies additional pressure to ensure uniform distribution.


  • It has sufficient pressure to get the job done
  • The durability puts a lot of similar products to shame
  • The bolts and screws have large surface areas
  • It is very versatile and compatible with several handguns


  • Assembling and dissembling sights take substantial time and resources


Due to its innovative design, it has provision for multiple firearms, from Beretta to XDS. It simplifies the whole process from removal to adjustment and installation. In addition to this, the frame is made from steel to make it more robust and beefier.

5) The Real Avid Pistol Tool

If you are looking for a universal right pusher that contains several exciting features to make your work easier, the Real Avid Pistol tool is your ideal tool. Highlights like bushing wrenches, pin punch, and bushing wrenches will triple the effectiveness of your smaller firearms. You have an easy option to accessorize and adjust the tool while you remove, install, or refix the sight.

Not only that, but it uses Hex Keys and Hex Bits to tighten further or loosen the screws that hold your pistol together. Thanks to its portability, you can take it with you anywhere you desire. To make cleaning effective and hassle-free, it has a fixed 8-32 threaded receiver. Also, it has a sharpened 3-inch tanto knife manufactured from stainless steel.

Furthermore, it features additional accessories to improve your operation. For instance, the hex bit tool has #1 Phillips, #2 Phillips, 3/16 inch flat, 1/8 inch Flat, and the T15 Torx ball detents. To keep these items in the best conditions, it has a 2.5-inch housing. If you wish, you can strap them to the side compartments of the pusher. Also, you can onboard laser sight adjustment components with zero stress. The Real Avid pistol tool is safe for both inexperienced and expert gun owners, thanks to its sturdy frame.

Moreover, this versatile tool has a durable, strong, safe, and robust design and construction. As a result, it can withstand harsh working conditions. Made from stainless steel, the body has a longer lifespan and is resistant to chemical spills. Besides, the steel has its outer layer coated with titanium, which rarely gets oxidated by free gases and moisture. Its folding components ensure that the right remains in position while you carry out the adjustment. The blocks provide sufficient cushion for the sight to keep the gun from scratches or deformation.


  • Foldable components for easy storage
  • Reduced incidences of table spills
  • Magnetic attachments for accessories
  • Broadsides for easy fixing of accessories
  • Firmly constructed edges.
  • Comprehensible manual guides.


  • Few accessory pieces of equipment
  • Unequal thread lines
  • It quivers some times



With the Real Avid Pistol, you can be ready for any task, whether you are on the field or not. It combines about nineteen features, which improve your shooting performance. You can do things like breaking the pistol down, tweaking, accessorizing, and adjusting the pistol at any point in time without going through stress.

How to Use a Universal Sight Pusher

When it comes to using a universal sight pusher, getting the right accessories is a requirement. Some of these accessories include a marker, slugs, target, wrench, shotgun, sandbags, screwdriver, and a shooting bench. Make the slide ready by covering it with a piece of clean clothing. This will keep it from scratches and potential damages.

Afterward, fix the slide between both blocks to ensure proper alignment. Use the screwdriver to make the grip tighter before using the scope to keep it in position. To adjust the settings of the sight, you need a wrench to twist and drive the bolt in. for excellent results, take away the shim block. Furthermore, to ensure that you sight your gun properly, we have outlined the procedures below.

·       Find a suitable shooting arena with a well-sitting shooting bench and reliable sandbags. Do not forget your target and marking material.

·       Place your gun on the sandbags carefully. Make sure it rests well on it.

·       Arrange the bullets into your gun and declare your intention to start shooting.

·        After firing the bullet, crosscheck the precision and the sight. Keep adjusting until it hits the bulls-eye.

Check out the video below to understand more on how to use a sight pusher.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Universal Sight Pusher

Before committing your funds for a universal sight pusher, you need to consider a list of its features and functionalities. That way, you can increase the amount of value you get for your money. We have a comprehensive list of the areas you need to watch out for before making a final decision.

1)Is it compatible with your firearm?

It is quite common to find several sight pushers with the label “universal”. In reality, this is not always the case. Although some will fit more guns, there is nothing like one-size-fits-all. As a result, you need to go along with your firearm to ascertain its compatibility. Also, consider your future interest and see if it fits.

2) How easy is it?

Remember that the overarching purpose of your purchase is to simplify the process of adjusting and aligning your scope.  Therefore, if the tool comes off as difficult to use, there is no point in getting it. As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to operate, the better for you. Also, think about the peculiarity of your training area.

3) How durable is it?

You need to think about the lifespan of the tool you are buying. Durability is at the core of good products. The longer it can last, the better for your pocket because it eliminates repairs and repeat purchase. That way, you can save costs and enjoy your sight pusher more. Watch out for the material of construction.

4) How safe is it for use?

You need to consider how safe it is to use the gun. Does it have safety components built along with it? What parts of the tool guarantees your safety? As long as you will be swapping and adjusting the sight, scope, and gun, you need a high-quality and durable product that poses little or no threat to you.

5) What accessories does it come with?

To get maximum value from your purchase, you should consider the models that come with additional materials. Some might have screws, bolts, markers, or screwdrivers. Others might just be an instructional manual that explains everything you need to do in clear terms. With such a manual, it takes less time to install and use the pusher. Besides, if you still have to buy other accessories before you can use it, avoid it.

6)How does it look?

Appearance matters a lot, especially after purpose. You do not want a bare, odd-looking pusher because it works. Check the design. Some have sleek designs that make them very attractive. Still, some are built to stand out. Therefore, consider the ones that appeal to you both in functional and aesthetic terms.

7) What is the price?

Before you starting searching for features and functionalities, you need to have a budget to guide you. Working with a budget helps to streamline your choices and direct your search. The pricier a pusher is, the more components it has. Besides, it helps you focus on the core features that you want.

Benefits of Using a Universal Sight Pusher

Some of the benefits of using a universal sight pusher include:

·       It helps to fix a sight on your gun. One of the most important functions of this tool is to make the process of sight installation seamless and hassle-free. You can also use it to remove the sight in a couple of minutes without the usual stress.

·       It ensures alignment of the sight on the gun. When the sight is out of place, the firearm will not deliver as it is supposed to do. However, with a universal sight pusher, you can ensure that the pusher is in line with the gun symmetry. Therefore, it gives a more fulfilling experience.

·       It protects your gun from damage and other defects. When you buy a pusher, you should not compromise on quality and durability. Although the best materials are pricey, it is a worthy investment. Universal sight pushers with aluminum materials ensure that your gun does not deteriorate due to corrosion. Therefore, it extends the useful period of your firearm and keeps the frame in good condition.

·       It simplifies the installation process. Typically, it takes a substantial investment in time and energy to assemble the components of your firearm. If you are not experienced, it may take you even longer periods and more stress. However, with the right universal pusher, installation becomes easier, even for the inexperienced.

·       It improves your organized and detailed execution. If you like to do your things methodically, a universal pusher is an excellent purchase. Firstly, it gives you breathing space to work at your own pace. Secondly, you can dismantle the components and put them together with ease. Thirdly, the instructional manual guides you every step of the way.

·       It ensures even distribution of pressure. Usually, firearms randomly distribute pressure. When you are about to fire some bullets, you might feel some stress as you pull the trigger. Other times, the recoil might be dangerous. When you install a universal pusher on your firearm, it makes sure that the pressure is shared uniformly to prevent a lopsided performance.


As we mentioned in the paragraphs above, you cannot do without a universal sight pusher. Once you have a firearm, you need one for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it gives you a professional outlook and increases your confidence while at work. We have explained in detail the important aspects to look out for before concluding a purchase. You need to ensure that it is compatible with your firearm, made from the best materials, and has inbuilt safety measures.

After our review, the Wheeler Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool ranks highest in terms of functionalities and features. You can expect a high amount of versatility, reliability, precision, and longevity. The aluminum frame prevents the accumulation of moisture and corrosion. It is very popular among gun enthusiasts and professionals because of its changeable clamps. In addition to that, it has a provision for squared slides. With its knob, you can quickly adjust the sight to suit the training and practice area.

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